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Rat Witch Tactics is a turn-based tactics RPG that follows the adventures of magical rats and their friends.

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Flood, famine, war; rats endure all.

When the conquest of the City faltered, a splinter group of witches founded a new society for those who wished to remain free from the Sorceress Supreme. The walls of the Southern District a shield against Her power.

A new way of life was forged for rats and muskrats alike. One not driven by the Cult of the Supreme or the war against the Woodlanders. In this tentative peace, an unexpected challenge emerged: an Unnatural Rat was born in the district.

Should she stray beyond walls, she would fall to the Supreme. Their only choice was to raise her as their own. A new kind of witch. One who will face new kinds of trials.

Rat Witch Tactics provides a glimpse into the past of the Free Witches of District South and begins the story of their apprentice. Each story chapter beyond the tutorial features procedurally generated maps.


  • Four magical rats and an avuncular muskrat.
  • Stories from the past and present of a mostly realized world rich with history.
  • Procedurally generate maps that make each play through unique.
  • A wide variety of magical powers and special abilities.
  • Skirmish mode for a quick battle fix.


Rat Witch Tactics is still in development. This should be considered a beta demo as things will change. The demo features a tutorial level, a full story chapter, and a rudimentary skirmish mode.


The full version of the game will offer:

  • Additional story chapters
  • More robust skirmish options
  • 2-player local co-op skirmish
  • Even more abilities
  • Revised art
  • Sound and music



  • Move Cursor - WASD/Arrow Keys
  • Confirm - Space/Return
  • Cancel - Left Shift/Right Shift
  • Pause - Escape


The Windows version uses a gamepad mapping that works best with an Xbox controller. This is the only gamepad I've been able to test with on Windows so far.

  • Move Cursor -Left Analog Stick/Directional Pad 
  • Confirm - A
  • Cancel - B
  • Pause - Y

The Mac build uses the following mapping that works well with a Playstation controller.

  • Move Cursor -Left Analog Stick/Directional Pad
  • Confirm - X
  • Cancel - O
  • Pause - Triangle

System Requirements


  • Runs well at medium or lower settings for Macs with integrated graphics cards.
  • If you see a warning that the game can't be opened, you'll need to right click -> open (or ctrl+click) on the icon, then choose open.


  • Currently only have a very low end windows machine to test with. Runs okay on a Dell Inspiron 11.6 at lowest graphics setting, but needs more testing on better hardware.
  • If you see a warning that the game can't be opened, click More Info, then there should be an option to open it.


  • Coming soon, need to get a machine setup to test with.

Special Thanks

Rat Witch Tacitcs was made possible by the amazing work of Jon Parham at The Liquid Fire. The foundation of the game was entirely built from tutorials found here: http://theliquidfire.com

Thanks to Jasper Flick and Catlike Coding for additional tutorials that helped guide the way: https://catlikecoding.com

And thanks to my wonderful spouse, friends, and family for their support.


RatWitchTactics-BetaDemo-v0.2.50-Win.zip 24 MB
RatWitchTactics-BetaDemo-v0.2.50-Mac.zip 31 MB

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Nice little game! I just tried a quick skirmish. I could think of tons of features to request, but I think the main thing stopping me from playing this much more is the speed. I wish I could hold tab to run the game at 6x speed or be able to configure the animation speeds somehow. It just gets a bit tedious to wait for the guys to slide around. 

The UI/UX is barebones but I think it's already pretty decent. I didn't do the tutorial or anything but I didn't have any trouble playing, and I like how you can cancel and undo things.


Thanks for playing! Movement animations are a bit slow right now. Something I need to revisit soon. I like the idea of an option to speed up or even skip animations. Added that to my list of things to experiment with. Appreciate the feedback!!